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share - bootstrap error


I am using alfreco communiy 5.2.0 (re21f2be5-b22) and I have sometimes a problem when starting the server. it's very random.

I have share that shows a blank page. I checked my logs and I have errors in share.log but I can't find the reason. It looks like a bootstrap error.

ERROR [] [http-apr-8080-exec-8] An exception occurred while rendering: bootstrap Unable to render region: bootstrap

I send you my file share.log

if anyone has an idea to solve the problem, I'm interested.



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Re: share - bootstrap error

Hi Matthieu, 

 Have you imported any bootstrap file in your any .ftl file? it might be the issue.


Prachi Shah


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Re: share - bootstrap error

It seems you are trying to deploy a custom module, which could be the cause of the problem you are facing.

What made me think this are the following error messages:
2018-10-11 03:02:59,591 ERROR [org.springframework.extensions.config.RemoteConfigElement] [localhost-startStop-1] alfresco/web-extension/alfresco-system.p12 (Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type)
2018-10-11 03:02:59,593 ERROR [org.springframework.extensions.config.RemoteConfigElement] [localhost-startStop-1] alfresco/web-extension/ssl-truststore (Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type)
2018-10-11 03:02:59,593 WARN  [org.springframework.extensions.config.RemoteConfigElement] [localhost-startStop-1] Custom SSL socket factory was not configured, as there was no Keystore or Truststore.

Besides that, it seems your repository is not running, as Share is not able to get information from it:

2018-10-11 03:03:12,537 INFO [] [http-apr-8080-exec-1] Unable to retrieve License information from Alfresco: 401

Check alfresco.log and catalina.out files and try to indentify anything wrong that may be causing the errors you see on Share.