Share "view in browser" preview for office files (docx/xlsx)

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Share "view in browser" preview for office files (docx/xlsx)


Using alfresco community 6.2-ga installed with docker-compose installer.

View in browser in Share works for pdf, pictures, html but not for office files (docx, xlsx,ppt), it tries to download them. The preview/transformation is working, they are displayed in "project library" view, which resolves to link, when maximized:

"https://XY.COM/share/page/context/mine/document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/XY-XY-49a1-b35d-XY "

When clicked "View in browser" the link is:


In Alfresco content application the link is different for preview (does ACA use same preview mechanism as share?):


What needs to be changed so that View in browser will show preview and will not download the file.


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Re: Share "view in browser" preview for office files (docx/xlsx)

View In Browser- View of file in browser is base on browser capability. If browser is capabale of showing file then it will show otherwise it will download file.


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