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Share version number

Hi there,

Does anyone know the latest Share version number for Alfresco 6.1 Community (and Enterprise if you know that too) ?

I'm looking for the version I'd put in the pom.xml file when using the SDK

For example <alfresco.share.version>6.1.a</alfresco.share.version>



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Re: Share version number

There currently is no Alfresco Share 6.1.a or any other stable release of 6.1 for Share. You can see on the release notes page for the 201901 GA release of Community Edition that Alfresco in their wisdom has decided to create a Community Edition GA release which includes / references release candidate versions for some of the constituent parts of an Alfresco installations (Share and Search Services).


Re: Share version number

Ah, I see. 

Thanks Axel