Share webdav url is missing.

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Member II

Share webdav url is missing.


when I click on the details of a folder, the is a 'Share' section. In this section on our test environment, there are two urls on which you can click:

One with the text 'Copy this link to share the current page' and 'copy this link for the webdav url'.

However in my dev environment the webdav url is missing, despite I get the document via 'http://localhost:8080/alfresco/webdav'. 

Can anyone explain how this can happen?



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Member II

Re: Share webdav url is missing.

In our config file, the following:

If set, will present a WebDAV link for the current item on the Document and Folder details pages.
Also used to generate the "View in Alfresco Explorer" action for folders.

It wasn't set.