Sharepoint to Alfresco datalist migration

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Sharepoint to Alfresco datalist migration

Hi Team,

I am working on sharepoint 2013 to Alfresco(5.2.f) migration project.

In sharepoint, any user can make datalists with their own set of columns from UI, we have around 4000 datalists available in sharepoint.
But in alfresco for datalists, we have to create custom type.

Each datalist may have mandatory proeprty and user/document association also.

In alfresco, do we have any tool or any way using which we can make datalists more quickly. Content model manager tool doesn't provide parent type as dl:dataListItem.

For the datalist's data migration, do we have any freeware addon/tool or need to write custom one?

In case of custom one, what should be the approach using which we can accomodate mandatory properties and associated fields also?





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Re: Sharepoint to Alfresco datalist migration

You can create custom content models and aspects including datalists using XML and not the modeler. These XML files can be imported to create new content models/properties. This might help: