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simple search issue


I need to create a simple search for properties of a file. For that, i created a folder structure like this


in the search-config.xml file,i placed a following code

<default-query-template>%(cm:name cm:title cm:description my:authorisedBy my:licenseNumber my:companyName TEXT TAG)</default-query-template>

but if i try to search with my:companyName 'Companyname' it is filtering the data,but file name search is working fine.

can anyone tell me why only cm:name is working and cm:companyName filter is not working

Thank you,


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Re: simple search issue


This is not possible to answer without

  • the data model
  • the text value of the metadata
  • the query you are trying to use
  • an explanation of why you think your query should find property

The template is used when a field is not defined, If you type in a single word "woof" it will expand to search many fields using the query template. For "cm:name:woof" you have provided a field so if will not use  the template.