Single-Sign-On with Alfresco CE

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Single-Sign-On with Alfresco CE

Is it possible to configure Single-Sign-On (i. e. Kerberos) for Alfresco CE at all?

Can LibreOffice be configured to use Single-Sign-On when editing documents via CMIS?

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Re: Single-Sign-On with Alfresco CE

I always recommend to check the documentation. There you could see that Community supports Kerberos authentication.

The integration with LibreOffice would be something to test... I have not heard / read of anyone that either had a problem with it or got it working. Probably because not a lot of people use LibreOffice for online editing or they are simply quiet about it.


Re: Single-Sign-On with Alfresco CE

Hi, maybe it is not the same case, but I had a similar issue with Alfresco NTLM SSO and online edition with Libreoffice (but using webdav-based addon instead of CMIS).