Site Manager - lost/hidden sites

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Member II

Site Manager - lost/hidden sites


I have javascript that creates sites in main /Sites/ folder and than move these sites to subfolder structure /Sites/Customs/Category/[:: SiteNAME ::] path. Customs && Category are simple folders.

My problem is that after "Move Site" operation this site is hidden / lost from Site Manager. When I move this sites back to /Sites folder I can see them in Site Manager.

Where is the problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for help.


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Re: Site Manager - lost/hidden sites

Moving sites to other locations than the default /Sites folder is just not supported. The location is essential in some of the handling in the SiteService Repository tier API. You should definitely move your sites back to the original location, and think about other means to structure your sites (for whatever reason you need that structure), e.g. using metadata and/or secondary parent-child associations.

Member II

Re: Site Manager - lost/hidden sites

I've decided to move these Sites to subfolder structure because I need to separate them from existing Sites. These new sites are custom and has another usecase and content (structured folders inside Sites) than my "default" sites. That was the reason for moving these.