Site members: users not found with full name

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Site members: users not found with full name


we are experiencing a strange behavior of the user search in the site members section.

Some users are not found when typing more than 4 characters from their name.

For instance, a user named "henry":

  • If I search for "henry", the user is not found
  • If I search for "henr" (or less chars), the user IS found

I have seen the same for a few other users...

When doing the search in the admin section, it work as expected...

Have you any idea what could cause this behavior or how to investigate it?



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Re: Site members: users not found with full name

Hi  Olivier,

I am assuming you don't have any customization in people and site users related.

When you search user (in the both case when user found and user not found)from the share open developer tool go to network and select XHR.

From here you can compare the both AJAX and see is there any other thing passing in the param or not.

2nd thing is make some list of user who are not coming in the search list and make one list of people who are not getting proper search result and check is there any pattern in that or not...

And last and most efficient way to solve it to debug the repo api.

Shyam Ghodasra

Member II

Re: Site members: users not found with full name

Thanks for your answer.

Yes it is a standard 6.0 Alfresco Community.

Nothing special noticed in the REST calls.

I identified a "pattern", Alfresco does not like the double letters "rr", "ss" and the "y" letter for old users (before server migration) ^^.

We have seen that a new version is available, maybe the upgrade will fix that, otherwise we will continue to investigate.