Site Permissions - strange behaviour

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Site Permissions - strange behaviour

Hi folks, (alfresco-community 5.2)

I have an Active Directory Group called "Alfresco Site Administrators" with three members. (2 + me)
Every time I create a Site, I add this group as Administrator of the Site.

The issue I'm finding is that these 2 other administrators can change user permissions without problems but, they cannot modify the Site dashboard. (while I can do watever change)

Creating a new "test" site I get the same issue but, if I remove tthis group and I add one of these users by username as Administrator, he can modify the dashboard.

I'm bit confused.

Whats happening?


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Re: Site Permissions - strange behaviour

Hi ale adro,

As per the default configuration of the alfresco community, site configuration options is only available if site manager is direct member of the site.

The code for this could be found in share-header.lib.js file

// Add the site configuration to the title options only if is direct member of the site