Smart folder autocreate subfolder

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Smart folder autocreate subfolder

I´m trying to learn about Smart Folder but I see a problem, I don´t know how configure a Smart Folder for autocreate subfolders depending a properties of an aspect. Only can configure a template with fixed structure of folders...

I found a similar query:

But that solution create the folders in the pysical repository, if a obligate properties (dates for example) have a lot of posibilities, the script will create a lot of real folders. Can I configure with Smart Folders????



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Re: Smart folder autocreate subfolder


Smart folder is just for display purpose as per given groups(like pdf,doc,images etc...). It will not create ant physical folder.

If you want to create physical folder as per your way then you can configure rule at root folder.

That rule will create new folder base on properties of file when any file upload upload is happen.

Ref : Smart Folder