Smart Folder search inside a files

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Smart Folder search inside a files


I'm interested in smart folder but I'm looking for something little bit different, I'm looking how to search inside a documents (PDF/MS Docs) in Smart Folder.


All files have a codification on the head of the documents eg. ENR-IT-002 or INS-IT-003

each type of document (here type is note PDF or docs or xls) goes to a specific smart folder.

Thank you

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Re: Smart Folder search inside a files


Smart folders effectively define a query to find their content. You can find the content they contain. What you can not do is have a predicate that says you want to find content in or below a folder AND that folder is a smart folder. You should just add a filter query that matches your smart folder predicate.

PATH predicates ignore smart folders. This was a very clear limitation in the implementation (so it's not a bug).