SMB2 / SMB3 server support

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Re: SMB2 / SMB3 server support

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fileServersNG will work with community or enterprise versions of Alfresco, currently there is a project that will build the fileServersNG AMP for Alfresco v4.x or v5.x, we should have a version for Alfresco v6.x in the near future.

There is a Docker image available with an Alfresco 5.2 community release with the fileServersNG subsystem deployed, there's more information on the website at, there are Wiki documents with details of how to build/deploy the fileServersNG subsystem, and how to use the Docker image here -

The fileServersNG subsystem uses the JFileServer code, a fork of the Alfresco-JLAN code, with an optional Enterprise add-on that provides the SMB2/SMB3 support (that works with community or enterprise versions of Alfresco).