Sorting documents based on content

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Sorting documents based on content

Hello everyone,


I want to get started with alfresco Community Version 6.2 based on docker. The enviroment is already running and I want to start with using it.

My main goal is to automate the document flow as much as possilble.

Right now the document will automaticly be dropped in to a folder from a scanner, after that OCR over the document will be done and moved to an inbox folder. This is the status which I already have implemented and working.

Now my idea is to create folder rules which will make use of the content inside the document (because OCR is done), to sort it to destination folder.

So for example inside the document the rule find the following content:

- John Doe

- Bill



- Move Document to folder: bills_2021


This is just an example but this is in generall what I would like to get working.

So the movement is not the problem but which criteria value do I have to choose?

Or is my idea with folder rules completly wrong?


I hope some of you can bring light in to my case.


Many thanks


Best regards

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Sorting documents based on content

I guess the only approach is to create a Behaviour in order to set those values in the text to node properties. After that, you'll be able to create your folder rules.

Hyland Developer Evangelist