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Spatial Query

I'm using the Alfresco service, via the CMIS interface, from WEB application as well as desktop applications.
My problem is due to a new requirement which ask me to perform spatial queries to retrieve documents. The spatial information which best describe the files added to the repository is a rectangle (that can be assumed to be always geographical).
What I need is the ability to perform spatial query in order to select the files interception a given rectangle area (defined by the user).
The CMIS implementation doesn't cover this kind of functionanlity. Then I looked in the Alfresco APIs as well, but unfortunately I was not able to the identify such a possibility.

Is there this capability within Alfresco? If so, is there any online resource where to look for solving my problem?

[Using the Alfresco Community Edition 5.1]

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Re: Spatial Query


We have not exposed spatial query support. There is a GEO field in the index which contains the information.

There is not much you can do with it today. It was one of the things that did not make the cut for the public API.

There is a POC using this GEO field somewhere from


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Re: Spatial Query

Is there any way I can get suggestions from ‌?!

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Re: Spatial Query


Just wondering if this feature has been implemented or is on the roadmap?

If not, are there any workarounds or good alternatives?

(sorry to resurrect an old thread.. I can post a new question if that's appropriate.)