Spring Test Dependency

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Spring Test Dependency

Hi guys, I need help adding dependencies into an Alfresco Platform Archetype Project. I need to test a couple of classes but to do that I need to the spring-test dependency, which is not included in the main community version of Alfresco. I would like to add this to the pom.xml file:


But if I do so, whenever I make the test run, it gives me this message and the test won't run:

java.lang.illegalstateexception: could not load testcontextbootstrapper [null]. specify @bootstrapwith's 'value' attribute or make the default bootstrapper class available.

Is there any way to add this dependency without getting the error message? Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Spring Test Dependency

What exactly you are trying to test via "spring-test"? What is the use case ? If you can elaborate your requirement, it will be helpful to understand and suggest the possible options.

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