SSO with another WAR

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SSO with another WAR

Hi all,

I have another war deployed on the same tomcat as alfresco and share. 

I would like to setup SSO so user can access application if he is authenticated in Share.

I think it will require to setup some security filter in my web app.

Thanks for any tips where to find some examples

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Re: SSO with another WAR

It really depends on what you want to use for your SSO authentication.

I use CAS - GitHub - wrighting/alfresco-cas: A project designed to show how to integrate Alfresco with CAS singl...  - but others exist.

Also depends on your Alfresco version as some work better than others with SSO.

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Re: SSO with another WAR

Hi Ian,

I am running on 5.2.e / 5.2.d

in my case I just want to restrict access to application if user is not authenticated. I don't need to load users or groups to perform authorization.

Currently my temporary workaround just for testing I load javascript in header and call GET "/share/service/modules/authenticated" to check if user has valid session Smiley Happy if not forward them to share login page