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Staging Area for data


I'm thinking of creating a staging area for data that would reside in it's own directory structure separate from st:sites or user_homes. I would use this to store data that would then be validated, processed and released to users via some custom UI. In a sense, my goal is to be able to be able to perform large-scale data imports into this staging area on a separate machine than the production user server. I release I could create a unique user account to achieve this, but I'm thinking of keeping it separate from the user directories.

There seem to be two places to create this folder:

Under the ROOT folder, similar to categoryRoot or under Company Home.

Is either one of these possibilities advisable?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: Staging Area for data

Many people use "the repository" aka "Company Home" for content rather than put their content in "sites" which is an arbitrary (and, sometimes, limiting) construct.

So, feel free to create your own folders under Company Home for this or any other purpose.

I should add that even if you've removed the "Repository" link from the header for non-admins, it is quite easy for users to change the URL to navigate to the repository view directly, so if you don't want users to browse your repository folders, make sure you add permissions to them to restrict access.

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Re: Staging Area for data

Thanks so much for responding and the suggestion.