Storing every single form labels as custom content type.

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Storing every single form labels as custom content type.

Our team is building a rather large enterprise application.  Alfresco is the ECM that will be storing all the content.

However, we're being told that they literally mean ALL static content, including small things like form labels, such as "Gender", "Login", "Submit" because:

1. developers do not want to hard-code in any static values into their code.

2. some customers that use our software are willing to pay additional fee for having flexibility to relabel those labels to "Sex", "Log On", "Save".

Setting aside performance implication (which they probably addressed through periodic indexing jobs), is there a precedent for storing micro content like this in Alfresco?  Is there a reference / guide that I can refer to for this?

What is the best way to content modeling and create content type of this scale, and also allow for customer specific overrides/customization?

I know this is an unusual topic, so your thoughts would be much appreciated.

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Re: Storing every single form labels as custom content type.

It Looks like you want to design your own form engine.Alfresco share has one form engine, but with that you will be able to set label values using properties file and not dynamically

Its possible in alfresco , but there will be lot of things which you need to consider.If its fully fresh application and there is not much use of alfresco share than you can design application using ADF.

To start up for designing this stuff..You need to consider below things.

  1. You need to design UI, from where forms can be created.
  2. Write code in repository to save the form designs(it can be done using alfresco repository webscript)
  3. In ADF/Share write logic to display the forms which you have configured.

Existing share form engine is using form.get.js,form.get.html.ftl etc files...You can check those.

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Re: Storing every single form labels as custom content type.

Sorry if I didn't make myself clear.  We're using Alfresco as a generic content storage to store images, text content, and data / input labels.  And data label just happens to be one of many custom content type.  The application itself is built on ReactJS because that's our enterprise standard.  Hope that clarified my question.  Thank you