Switch Database from Postgresql to Aurora DB

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Switch Database from Postgresql to Aurora DB

I have succesfully completed a migration from 4.2.f Community to the latest Alfresco 5.2 community, with the plan of upgrading to 6.x in the nearest future.

Since I am using Alfresco for personal use and for very low traffic, I have always been using the out of the box Postgresql installation on local disk.

The Alfresco installation is hosted on my personal AWS account, and I am planning to move the database to an already existing RDS Aurora instance on AWS.

Problem 1: the Aurora RDS instance is MySql compatible, while Alfresco is using Postgres.

Problem 2: I cannot afford to have another RDS dedicated instance

I think that in some way I could manage to transfer data between databases with the help of AWS DMS but I am unsure of the final outcome and the amount of work in terms of configuration and property files I would have to change.

Any suggestion which is either "you can't do it" or "do like this" ? :-)

note: with the out of the box DB it works, and it has been working fine for years. I am thinking about this activty more as an exercise as it could open interesting scenarios in the AWS cloud world.

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Re: Switch Database from Postgresql to Aurora DB

Hi @lcelati,

Aurora is supported by Enterprise, and has been since mid 2015. As you no doubt know already, Community only supports a limited subset - MySQL, Postgress. There's an interesting article by the TSG on Alfresco on AWS that might be worth reading. That said, I can't imagine porting to Aurora would be a trivial piece of work. However, switching from Postgress to MySql should be far easier. There's a very old guide here. Here's an even older how-to. This discussion might prove useful too.


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