Tagging bulk file

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Tagging bulk file

Hi All,

We are rather new in the use of Alfresco (community 6.2). We have imported many documents and are now trying to add appropriate tags. I know that Alfresco does not have this function. I read on internet about a possible solution, which is to create a rule for a folder that automatically inserts a tag.

I have tried but it does not seem that the tag can be inserted via a rule.

Has anyone found the same problem? Is there an example of this workaround (if it actually works)?

Thank you 

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Re: Tagging bulk file

Tags are applied per node and there is no functionality available to do so in bulk. Yes, folder rules doesn't provide option as well.

However, you can create a custom webscript (java backed or javascript), search for the nodes where you want to apply the tag, iterate the search results and apply the tags. 

Take a look at these options:

Java foundation api exposes following service:


Root Objects that expose services for javascript:




Root of the Tagging Service

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)