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Member II

The search doesn't work correctly


when I seach in alfresco\admin and use db-cmis with select * from otp:backOfficeWorkflowAssignees I get 78 items as result

but when I use API https://srv-alfekka-app02.isb/alfresco/api/-default-/public/search/versions/1/search  with body {"query":{"query":"TYPESmiley Surprisedtp\\:backOfficeWorkflowAssignees AND

I get only 7 items result

ontext":{"consistency":{"lastTxId":7009222}} ... }

I didn't have any error in log

What could be the problem?

I use ACS 6.1 with ASS 1.4.0

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Re: The search doesn't work correctly

It seems your solr index is not consistent with your db ,have you tried to rebuild your index?

Member II

Re: The search doesn't work correctly

I rebuild index but it didn't help

I found that the problem is when I set sharding, if I have just alfresco and archive cores without sharding all searches fine