There was an error on this page

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There was an error on this page

Almost all of the users receive an message when the try to login: There was an error on this page:

We have restarted the server, restore older backups and the problem is still there.

I notice the following errors on the alfrescotomcat file: 

SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [Spring Surf Dispatcher Servlet] in context with path [/share] threw exception [Request processing failed; nested exception is 10060000 Failed to init Request Context: Unable to initialise user during Request Context init. Probably a stale user Session.] with root cause Unable to create user - failed to retrieve user metadata:

Is there someone that can tell us whats wrong and how to fix this?

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Re: There was an error on this page


Can you please let me know the restore steps you have followed?

There are standard Alfresco backup and restore steps. Backing up and restoring the repository | Alfresco Documentation 


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Re: There was an error on this page


Have some questions: also can you try some things below:

a) How is the user authenticated in your repository - meaning - do you have an external SSO? In that case need to check the timeout when the user session becomes stale and increase the timeout

b) OR authentication via OOTB alfresco mechanism (Kerberos, alfrescoNTLM) etc

c) Also can you provide the url for any user when the issue - need to check if the username . Also can you check if you are not facing issue when the username is in CAPS. (for eg TESTUSER and not testuser)

d) Try in a incognito browser window /clear the cookies and try.

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Re: There was an error on this page

Have you find a solution for this issue ? I have the same.