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This topic was created by mistake

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Re: Why I can not access the property?

The error comes when a node doesn't exists as indicated :

org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.InvalidNodeRefException: Node does not exist

Are you sure that node exists in the repository where you are executing the code?

Also, it is a good idea to always check node existance before trying to extract node properties or performing any operation using the nodeRef on a node.

 NodeRef connectedDocument = new NodeRef(stringRepresentationOfaNode);

if (nodeService.exists(connectedDocument )) {
  Serializable nodePropMark =  nodeService.getProperty(connectedDocument, NDBaseDocumentModel.PROP_MARK)
} else {
  //LOG or report error
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Re: Why I can not access the property?

I abolutely sure the node DOES exist, and I can see that node in NodeBrowser and the defined property also exists. Morover the same node works with similar code in certain place of programm. but fails in another. Probably there is something with environment.