Thumbnail and preview creation on older documents

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Thumbnail and preview creation on older documents

Hi, using Alfresco Share, if Libreoffice service is temporarily unavailable, thumbnails and documents preview are not created.

If I restore Libreoffice service operativity, does the system create thumbnails and documents preview of older documents uploaded in Alfresco during Libreoffice service outage? I am mainly interested in thumbnails, since I noticed that clicking on one of this documents, preview is created.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Thumbnail and preview creation on older documents

The cm:thumbnail rendition with name cm:doclib creates only then user try to view it in the document library with detailed view. It is not depand on the date/time of uploading document. If node do not have cm:doclib child on the moment of view, it will be created. This is the cause, there is no thimblails for the first look at new content and thumbnails appears only if reload the page.

Some time the cm:doclib child could be created with error. For example, it could be created without content. Then admin must remove this broken childs manualy or by custom procedure and thymbnail will be generated again during next look on the document library page.