Timezone issue with DST

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Timezone issue with DST

I noticed that all dates are stored in UTC time, is there a way to include the local time-zone?

For example: I have a custom property with a date in the near future at 6 PM local time.
Between now and the effective date, there is the DST switch (+- 1h)

When you retrieve this property, it is always a UTC based timestamp, which results in a wrong date being displayed in the browser (1h earlier/later) and probably a wrong date being used server-side (haven't verified yet)

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19166995 tldr: 

For example, a meeting that occurs at 08:00 Eastern Time will always occur at that local time. In the winter, that would be 13:00 UTC, and in the summer it would be at 12:00 UTC.

So in this context, you cannot record the scheduled start time in terms of UTC. This is a very common mistake, as there is a ton of advice on the Internet that says "always store using UTC", which would be wrong in this scenario.

Is there any way to work around this?