To implement "d:noderef" datatype in a property.

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To implement "d:noderef" datatype in a property.

Hello All,

I have to implement "d:noderef" datatype in a model. I have done this till now in one aspect.

<property name="sc:abc">

 And when I try to add this aspect on a file it shows "could not update aspect".

Please help to solve the problem.




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Re: To implement "d:noderef" datatype in a property.

Please share the whole aspect details and error. With partial info can't tell what could be wrong.

Have a look at this sample aspect as to how to configure a property with d:noderef

<aspect name="demo:referenceable">
		<property name="demo:reference">
			<description>Reference node between a and b</description>
<multiple>false</multiple> </property> </properties> </aspect>

Hope this helps.

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Re: To implement "d:noderef" datatype in a property.

Hi @dhrumilgosaliya 

let @abhinavmishra14 correct me if I'm wrong, but if you want to create a custom property, which will be set by the user in the "Edit Properties" box, then it should not have the "d:noderef" type. Form data will be passed as String to the FormProcessor so it will be a "d:text". However, you can freely keep NodeRef value as String so it's not a big problem Smiley Happy

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