Tomcat stop issue

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Tomcat stop issue

Hi all,

I'm facing an issue with tomcat. When I want to stop/restart the alfresco (community 5+) I've got this message:

Tomcat did not stop in time.
To aid diagnostics a thread dump has been written to standard out.
Killing Tomcat with the PID: 4294
The Tomcat process has been killed.
./ : tomcat stopped

I saw that this was a known issue [ACE-3153] Tomcat is stopped incorrectly - the process is killed - Alfresco JIRA  and [ACE-3291] 5.0 stop command sleeps for a long amount of time - Alfresco JIRA  and it is marked as closed but i cannot understand where I have to modify alfresco/tomcat configuration.
Thanks in advance!


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Re: Tomcat stop issue

Hi Alessio,

I run several repos und Linux with Versions from 3.4 to 5+ and this problem exists from the beginning until now.

Tomcat gets his stop signal, but is not able to stop all the threads. I you don't configure the "kill" timeout too short, this is not a problem. Alfresco will startup without problems after the kill.

I use 3min sleep for test-systems and 5 to 10 min for production - cannot remember the original timeout...

The timeout is configured in the tomcat start/stop script (Linux: .../tomcat/scripts/

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Re: Tomcat stop issue

Thank you Martin!


Re: Tomcat stop issue


If you don't have enough patience or if it simply does not stop in any case (if you waited enough) , you may Crtl-Z and do "sh stop" again. It will directly kill the alfresco process.



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Re: Tomcat stop issue

Hi  Alessio Izzo,

According to Cesar's answer, running 'sh stop' again will force your OS to stop the servers, and that is the correct way to do it rather than killing the process manually.




Kintu | ContCentric
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Re: Tomcat stop issue

It was no discussion about killing the tomcat container manually (its about configuring the tomcat ctl,sh which is called by - but in the end, that's what the stop script does - kill -9 if everything else (other kill signals) is not working and it's no difference if you do that manually after some time or let the stop-script do it...

With the configuration of the timeout IN the alfresco stop script, we want to force tomcat down in just a shorter amount of time, so you don't have to wait for 15 minutes, when restarting a test system.