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too large database

Alfresco database (postgress, especially alf_node and alf_node_properties tables and indexes in it) too large. Is it possible to set up which properties I want to store in database and which I dont? I'm using cmis queries to find documents, but almost all of them is done with UUID, and only one by cmis:name property, so, I suppose, I can drop almost all data from alf_node_properties table.


Also, I found this topic -

where villdre mention cleanup job with cron expression. It is not enabled by default? 

In this topic -

sufo suggest to drop indexes. Is it possbile to find out, how it can affect performance without dropping them? Is there some kind of document which describe when it used? Of course I can drop them and check what work slow (or not work at all), but it did not looks right.


ps I found if I call query "reindex table alf_node_properties" it change size of indexes in two times. Not sure it related to my current database-alfresco stack, not sure it will not grow again, but it is as it is - 50% size reduction.

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Re: too large database

You can only control your custom model properties. 

Its a good idea not to play around alfresco's core tables that are setup by default. They are created and optimized keeping the repository in consideration and they are purposefully maintained. 

Also the indexes depend on the size of your content,metadata,permissions etc.

You can also go through this documentation: 


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