Totally lost at free text search with REST

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Totally lost at free text search with REST

I have tried to understand the following documentations:


I try to search for a compound expression: the document (or it's title, name, ...) contains 444840 OR 00444840 AND the exact term "Maklri Istvn Tams"

I try to use the POST API with a query:

curl --insecure -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Basic ***********' --data-binary '@query.json' https://devtest.****:8443

and the query.json file is

    "query": {
       "query":"(\"444840\" OR \"00444840\") AND =\"Maklri Istvn Tams\""
    "paging": { "maxItems": "100", "skipCount": "0" }

but with or without \" and = I can not get an useful result set. It breaks up "Maklri Istvn Tams" and finds the three tags, if I search for 1760000 it founds 1760020, etc.

Alfresco's faceted search shows promises:

8443/share/page/dp/ws/faceted-search#searchTerm=(444840 OR 00444840) AND "Maklri Istvn Tams"&scope=repo&sortField=null

gives only one result, which looks correct.


Is it possible to use the POST query to get the right results?


Alfresco Share v6.2.0
(r7791ffba8f0b22f1ef9fa25ba17400c4657068e3-b9, Aikau, Spring Surf 6.2.0, Spring WebScripts 7.10, Freemarker 2.3.28, Rhino 1.7.11, Yui 2.9.0-alfresco-20141223)
Alfresco Community v6.2.0
(r05dbaf43-b368) schema 13001
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Re: Totally lost at free text search with REST


"query":"Maklri *(0) Istvn *(0) Tams"

the best way to search for an exact term in the content of documents?