Transfer personnal medatas to Alfresco?

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Transfer personnal medatas to Alfresco?

Hi and thank you for your help in advance,

I'm a begineer in Alfresco so i'm sorry if someone post it somewhere but i didn't really find what i was looking for.

I will try to explain my problem with my own words. I want to transfer my personalized meta data from my own application (whose read and write documents) to Alfresco but i don't find the correct topic speaking about it. It should be good if when an user upload a document (for exemple a bill), my app read metadatas (for this it's good) then when i put this document on Alfresco, Alfresco keep the personalize medata mentionned before (like invoice number or customber number) and display them.

I tried to use models parameters but i don't really understand how use it and if it could be usefull for my case.

Thank you.

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Re: Transfer personnal medatas to Alfresco?

I guess a behaviour would help with that.

You can connect to your app when a document is created and populate the node with your custom metadata.

Hyland Developer Evangelist