Transform / Renderer of XLSX Files

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Transform / Renderer of XLSX Files

Good morning.

I have a docker-based installation of Alfresco Community 7.1 and a load balancer with 4 Transform containers (using a proxy to balance between the 4 containers).

And every time I upload an Excel spreadsheet, it takes time to generate the thumbnail and also the preview of the document in Alfresco Share.
This time can take from 5 to 10 minutes, and I've had up to 30 minutes of time, causing Alfresco to overload and stop.

My server has 64 Gb Ram and 16 Cores.

I configured not to generate thumbnails for all the files and I was testing settings so as not to generate previews of the xlsx files (for example) but it didn't work.

After applying these configurations to, is there any further procedure to do?

What can I do to not generate a thumbnail of .xlsx files and not generate the rendition of these files, as well as the non-preview of these files too?


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Re: Transform / Renderer of XLSX Files

This should not take the amount of time you have mentioned. With pretty much ootb settings itself i tested a 10 mb xls file and it got the thumbnail within fe seconds. System config is 4 CPU and 16G RAM.

Here is a sample project that i tested with:

Now to disable the thumbnail generation globally set the following property in


I am not sure what properties you were setting. but with 7.1 there is no legacy transformer. So all these settings has to be done in repective transform engine. e.g. for docx, xlsx, etc it would be lifreoffice

To disable you need to update this config and build the container with updated config: 

You mentioned proxy in between transform service, check if there is any bottleneck between alfresco -> activemq -> transform service containers. 



(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)

Re: Transform / Renderer of XLSX Files

Hello thanks for the information.

But as for Thumbnail, I already managed to define a configuration that does not create thumbnail for .xlsx files.

How do I make it not display in preview (when I select the document)?

Do you have any help on this?

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Re: Transform / Renderer of XLSX Files

If you want to disable the xlsx transformer on Alfresco (Rest API ecc.), you must modify the json transformer configuration file of Alfresco, here a very good demo project about it :

If you want just disable on Alfresco Share you can use the same methos exaplined here :