Trashcan failing to restore after large CMIS Sync deletion

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Trashcan failing to restore after large CMIS Sync deletion


I'm having an issue with a customer that deleted a large important folder and then didn't tell me for 6 days. From what I'm able to piece together, the data was removed by deleting the contents of a folder on a client Windows machine with CMIS-Sync enabled on it.

This makes restoring from a backup (we tarball the alfresco-community directory every night) difficult as most other parts of the data have moved on for nearly a week.

When in trashcan (both as admin and the user involved), I can see everything that needs to be restored, but I get 'Failed to recover' after about 10 seconds when trying to recover a file and about 3 seconds when trying to recover a single file - so I'm not sure it's a timeout issue?

There's several thousand files to recover in multiple folders - so anything vaguely automated would be really useful.

Community edition on Debian, 5.2.0. I don't do much with Java so any moron-level guide would be really helpful.




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Re: Trashcan failing to restore after large CMIS Sync deletion

When it is timing out, do you see any errors in the alfresco and share logs? When the request is being processed and fails, do you see any error in browser console as well? any 500s, 400s type of http error codes noticed in browser console?

When you restore the file/folder from trashcan following api is called:

PUT http://<host>:<port>/share/proxy/alfresco/api/archive/archive/SpacesStore/<archiveNodeRefId>

Which intern calls this repo webscript:

<shortname>PUT a restore request to an archived NodeRef</shortname>
<format default="json"/>
<authentication runas="admin">user</authentication>

PUT http://<host>:<port>/alfresco/service/api/archive/archive/SpacesStore/<archiveNodeRefId>?alf_ticket=Ticket_xyzzzzzzzzz

Can you add following debug logs and see if you get any details:


(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)