Tree browser children/depth problem

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Tree browser children/depth problem

Hello Alfresco Community,

I'm asking for your help with an issue that seems quite easy to fix but I just can't figure it out.

We have an issue with the documentlibrary tree where the browsing after at a certain depth and some folders dib't show the containing children, blocking further browsing.

Here's an image :

tree browsing

Clicking on the red folder at that level doesn't show it's children-folders, it loads the folder contents as if we hit a leaf in the tree. But that red folder does have children that are folders. Even adding another test folder in the red folder doesn't change anything.

This is not a client JS problem since in the JSON response when browsing the parent level we get :

... { "nodeRef": "RED FOLDER NODEREF", "name": "XXXXX", "description": "", "hasChildren": false, "userAccess": { "create": true, "edit": true, "delete": true }, "aspects": [ "cm:auditable", "sys:referenceable", "sys:localized" ] }, ...

When we click on it, it doesn't do the AJAX request to get the children because hasChildren is set to false. After forcing this value to true during debugging it does go and load the children.

Something even weirder is the fact that a few folders on the same level as the red folder do show their folder-children while the majority doesn't.

This is really annoying because it blocks Copy to/Move to functions and other places where the tree browser is used.

Any help on this matter ?