Turn off multilingual context

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Turn off multilingual context

Are there any ways to turn off multi-lingual context in alfresco 5.2?

I' ve got a problem with cm:titled aspect, I update description\title with soap request to alfresco Object Service Port and description updated only to English version, but I can't see updated values if my browser language differs from English.

So if I can to disable multilingual on cm: titled, or maybe disable multilingual at all it will solve my problem, but when I changed in contentModel.xml cm: titled type like this


nothing changed.

Are there any other ways?

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Re: Turn off multilingual context

There is no way to compeltely disable handling of d:mltext properties in Alfresco. The only way to disable it for specific properties would be by changing the property type to d:text. It should be possible to do this for the default model as well, but you may have issues getting your changes loaded properly. Also, some aspects of the default model are also somewhat hard-coded, though AFAIK this should not relate to cm:title/cm:description.

Note that a change of the default model is not trivial and without risk. Be aware that it is not safe to do such a change in an already existing Alfresco system as existing data may already use d:mltext and accessing nodes with such properties may result in errors due to incompatability. Additionally, some content bootstraps may try to set multi-lingual values for these properties and such bootstraps may also fail.