Turning off ImageMagick Transformations

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Turning off ImageMagick Transformations

I need to turn off ImageMagick transformation in Community Edition 5.0.0.d to see if that is what is crashing my instance.  What is the best(easiest) way to do this?

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Re: Turning off ImageMagick Transformations

The easiest way might be to simply configure the transformer properties to tell ImageMagick that it does not support any of its transformations. This would entail overriding the default properties and specifying for each source+target mimetype combination that the transformation is not supported. The documentation on transformer extension points includes configuration samples for specifying which transformations are supported. On Alfresco 5.0.d you can use the OOTBee Support Tools addon (if installed) to make configuration changes (and also inspect/test the current configuration) on-the-fly using the Test Transform tool, otherwise you would need to configure the properties in alfresco-global.properties and restart your system on every change.