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Two Dashboard


Can I somehow have on site Two dashboard.

Actually, I need because dashboard is great,  I can create dashlets with own website in.

Idea is that I have one more tab photo (home, data list, calendar, photo), when I open this tab photo, I want only on this tab website from another server as dashlets.

Any idea how I can do that?



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Re: Two Dashboard

I don't know if I understood what you want to achieve, but if all you need is to have a new page in the list of pages for the site, then what you can do is to develop a new one.

There are two ways to do so nowadays, one being using Surf, the old framework used by Share, or the new one, called Aikau.

For Suf, read this Adding a new Surf page to Share | Alfresco Documentation 

For Aikau, this one  (I think there are more updated docs for this, but I couldn't find)