Two passwords one user

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Two passwords one user

Our ECM have some alfresco users (about 1000 users) and my boss want me to create same users in AD  and sync them with alfresco. I managed to do that but some users have  2 passwords cause their alfresco  password does not meet the length, complexity, or history requirement of the domain. I know that when user try to login, alfresco is checking this user's password in her db and if there is no matches then alfresco checks the password in AD

1)My question is, how to make alfresco to use AD  authentication first and not alfresco authentication?

2)And second question, if it is not possible to do so? Can i reset somehow the password in alfresco database (for example fill that password column with blank string) to force alfresco to use AD authentication? What are my options? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Two passwords one user

Check this:

Putting ldap-ad1 first should help: