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UI behavior design question

I am wondering if this scenario might be possible?

  1. User in in-house client app needs to upload files to Alfresco, and metadata is a must.
  2. User accessing the "document library" page in the client app, which is basically a search page against the ACS metadata via a web service, the user can create a new folder for files.
  3. User clicks on "create folder", say for an investigation. The client app documents the folder in our DB and uses the ACS web service to create said folder in ACS to receive the files.
  4. Once created, client app presents user with URL that opens in a new tab to the ACS UI already on said folder, ready to receive any number of files.
  5. These files could be Office docs, pictures, or movies (some near 700 MB) taken at inspection sites.
  6. Once the uploads are complete, the user would close the ACS tab.
  7. Back in the client app, the user hits a refresh button which then queries the folder for its content (files).
  8. The user then clicks on each row to set required metadata; the client app calls the ACS web service to apply the data.

Do able? Specifcally, the URL to open Alfresco on a given folder view with the user already authenticated (ActiveDirectory would be available, FYI).