Unable to generate logs in tail alfresco log in admin console

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Unable to generate logs in tail alfresco log in admin console

Hi there,

We are using ACS 7.0.1 Enterprise edition. In the Dockerfile-alfresco, we are copying custom-log4j to the location: $TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/. alfresco.log is getting generated properly but in the tail alfresco log in admin console, it is showing that "the alfresco log4j jmx appender is not configured to listen on bootstrap, this is not enabled by default".

If we copy the custom-log4j to the location ${TOMCAT_DIR}/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/, we are getting a 500 Internal Error - An error inside the HTTP server prevented it from fulfilling the request.

In both the cases, alfresco.log is getting generated properly. Can anyone let me know how to fix this issue?

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Re: Unable to generate logs in tail alfresco log in admin console

Can you share the custom log4j file and logs from server? Screenshot of the error may also be helpful. There may be possiblity that jmx appender has been removed somehow. 

Check if you can locate this setting:

log4j.rootLogger=error, Console, File, jmxlogger

if jmxlogger is missing then add the following:



log4j.appender.jmxlogger.layout.ConversionPattern=%-5p %c[1] - %m%n





Alternatively , When using docker based installation, there is a better way (using docker-compose and dockerfile) to customize the base image to include the log configurations as well as any other configs. 

you can find an example here: https://github.com/abhinavmishra14/change-acs-share-port-demo/blob/master/docker-compose.yml#L15 



(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)