uninstall plugin and reinstall plugin

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uninstall plugin and reinstall plugin

Hello everyone!
For migrate a version 4.2 of alfresco to 5.2 (firstly ... the final goal is the migration to version 7.0) i wan't to uninstall wcqm quick start because he create an error in 5.2 version :

At a visit to site, alfresco don't found a tag and any document of this... while all document in this site can found be at search method...

and i don't know how uninstall a component of alfresco ... the documentation is not precise enough on how tomcat works, and I don't have enough experience to find a solution quickly with my skills ... 

I am asking for your help to try to uninstall the plugins that cause problems and then reinstall the correct version of this one..

thank's you for your reply !

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Alfresco Employee

Re: uninstall plugin and reinstall plugin

You may try using default alfresco AMP tool:


Or you can start with a regular WAR from version 5.2 and install the new AMPS on it.

Hyland Developer Evangelist