Update MimeType using API

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Update MimeType using API

It's seems that is not possible to update the mimeType of an existing document using the API.


When I upload a new version of a document with another mimeType using the API, it seems that there is no autodetection of this one. So I tried to update it manually through the content of a node, but that doesn't work.


How to reproduce :

  • Upload a PNG document
  • Using the put /nodes/{nodeId}/content endpoint, update the document into a new version, with a PDF document
  • The API returns that the file is updated, but content field is always with a mimeType "image/png"
  • Using the put /nodes/{nodeId}, try to update content field with "application/pdf" as MimeType
  • Get a 200 response, but content is always as "image/png"

Alfresco used :

Alfresco Community v6.2.0
(rb65251d6-b368) schema 13001
Thanks for your help,
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Re: Update MimeType using API

Did you find the solution ?