Update properties using Rule in background

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Update properties using Rule in background

We have a problem, let's comment on it in a basic way:

Folder A:
Rule: Runs in the foreground
Items are updated
Here, when the user updates the document properties, he launches a script that modifies document properties and at the end moves it to folder B.

Folder B:
Rule: In the background.
Items are created or entered in this folder
Here a script is launched that executes a Java action. If the action fails, it modifies a property. If it is OK, it does nothing.

The problem is when the action returns the error, the writing of the error in the property is not executed, if I write the property in JAva
It gives me a node update error, and if I do it in java script it does nothing.

But it works fine if the Folder B rule works in the foreground.
How can I make the property modify when the execution is in the background?