Updating multilingual fields with Javascript

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Updating multilingual fields with Javascript

Hello all,

I have a Javascript executed by a rule on a folder when I drop a file into the folder.

The script takes a CSV file containing NodeIDs and field values which I would like to set, the primary one being cm:description and updates the values.

Now when I run the script it updates the description but only of the description in the particular language that my browser is running in. When I now run a search based on the contents of the cm:description when running the browser in a different language I find the old values still. I need to change for all languages as the value should apply to all languages.

Q1. How can I apply to all languages?

Q2. How can I update only a specific language, irrespective of browser language?

Q3. How do I query the value in a particular language, irrespective of my browser language?

Thank you :-)

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Re: Updating multilingual fields with Javascript

Check, does your solr switched into multilanguage search?

To search in all locales solr6 Dockerfile must have something like this:

# Cross Locale

# Enable Cross Locale SOLR Configuration
RUN if [ "$CROSS_LOCALE" == "true" ] ; then \
    sed -i '/^bash.*/i sed -i "'"/alfresco.cross.locale.datatype/s/^#//g"'" $DIST_DIR/solrhome/conf/shared.properties\n' \
    ${DIST_DIR}/solr/bin/search_config_setup.sh; \

It uncomment all "alfresco.cross.locale.datatype" properties in the solr 'shared.properties' file.

Set variable "CROSS_LOCALE" to "true" in your deployment and rebuild solr.

I don't remember exactly, but the full reindex could be required to search cross locales.