Upgrading Alfresco Content Services

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Upgrading Alfresco Content Services

I'm trying to upgrade to 5.2.1 and I read some instructions that I'm a bit confused by. On the Alfresco documentation page under "Upgrading Alfresco Content Services" section 3e states "Do not copy the files. Copy only the override settings so that you will not overwrite the new extension files in the upgraded version." What exactly do they mean by this? I thought that when you copy the files you will be automatically overriding the settings correct? any help will be much appreciated thanks!

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Re: Upgrading Alfresco Content Services

They mean you should not blindly copy over the files, but actually look at the settings you have overriden and only copy those individual settings that are still relevant to you. If you are using the installer (neither my choice nor recommendation, but most apparently do so) you will have configuration sample files to start from. If you have previously added your overrides to those files and simply copied over the entire file, you might be copying over default settings that have changed since then and have been updated in the new sample files.