Upgrading to ACS 7.1

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Upgrading to ACS 7.1

We are trying to upgrade to ACS 7.1 with AWS Postgres 13.5. After Upgrading Postgres from 11.9 to 13.5, ACS Pods do not come up. We have upgraded our lower environments i.e. Development and Staging to ACS 7.1 with Postgres 13.5 and have no issues. This issue of the ACS 7.1 pods not coming up only exist in the performance and production environment.

The only difference I see is the data where in the lower environments, we do not have much data in the perf and prod environments we have over 100M+ documents. If someone has faced this issue, please advise and what was the solution.

Environment: EKS, ACS 7.1, Postgres 13.5

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Re: Upgrading to ACS 7.1

This is very environment specific case, can you trace any failure logs. Can you check all containrs crash or just acs container crashes? Did you also updated the jdbc jar matching to the latest version of pgsql ? Likely be some config issue or memory issues. 

Also review the supported platform doc: https://docs.alfresco.com/content-services/7.1/support/#supported-platforms/7-1-1


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Re: Upgrading to ACS 7.1

Did you create a pg dump from 11 and restored it in 13?

Postgresql 13 is not able to load when having data from version 11 in some cases.

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