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Upload new version Name

When user clicks on "Upload New Version" on a document, I need to enforce the user that the new document has the same name as the old document, otherwise don't allow the user to upload new version. 

Any suggestions?

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Re: Upload new version Name

You can write behavior for same.Implement the behavior for VersionServicePolicies.OnCreateVersionPolicy (Alfresco 5.3.a-SNAPSHOT API)  using this policy.You will be able to compare old name and new name in this.Throw the exception if it does not match.

If you don't want throw exception, you can update new name with the old name.

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Re: Upload new version Name

Could it be done through manipulating upload.post.js in


Since I don't have maven setup, I am not sure whether it can be done through classes you mentioned.

Either ways, could you please elaborate on the steps.