User List in Document Model field

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User List in Document Model field

Dear All this is my first time in the forum. Please I am really sorry if my question is too basic.

I am creating a document model with a field called "Revisors" where one or several users must be selected (those users will be part of the authoring of the document, so it is important they are in the metadata of the document. Instead of using a List of Values, I would like to use the list of users in the system. Or at least, a group. Can it be done?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Re: User List in Document Model field

You can use Alfresco's user picker for your case. in your model mark the property of "Revisors" as multiple. next add a form control in share-config-custom.xml like this

<control template="/org/alfresco/components/form/controls/authority.ftl" >
      <control-param name="startLocation"></control-param>
      <control-param name="authorityType">ALL</control-param>
      <control-param name="deepSearch">true</control-param>

The authority.ftl contains the picker. if you want to pick only users then in control-param "authorityType" use "USER", for groups use "GROUP".