Using Declare Version as Record

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Using Declare Version as Record


I have Alfresco 6.0, RM 3.0 installation.   My group wants to use only Declare Version as Record and I have a problem.

When they declare a version as a record,  I don't know what to do with a version of record that needs to be "rejected" for whatever reason. I can't reject a version.  I've also figured out that if the document is version 1.0 in the ACS site and that version is marked as a record, if I delete it in the RM site, it is essentially deleted in the ACS site. If I try to download the document, I get an error, if I open in MS Office, it's blank. My users have a lot of documents that are version 1.0 that will be declared versions of a record.

Wondering if any one has a suggestion on what to do when I can't reject record versions.