Using Smart Folders

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Using Smart Folders

I would like to create a smart folder template that will allow the user to add files/folders to the smart folder by specifying key words in the TAG field.  I have looked all over for an example of something like this, but have come up empty handed.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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Re: Using Smart Folders

Hi Gregory:

Smart folders have limited delete/create capabilities inside. For example you can not add folders inside virtual folders. They are better (or simpler) to organize or grouping files the content of a site, for example, according to a custom search (e.x: custom tags, aspects, types, some constraint-based metadata property...). They may provide easily custom views of your content.

Some FAQ about virtual folders:

Smart Folders FAQs | Alfresco Documentation 

A simple example for custom virtual folder is here, for organizing quick shared content:

How to manage public content in Alfresco with the help of virtual folders - Virtual Folders for deal... 

A more advanced example for virtual folders is the claim example, a type-based virtual folder that allows adding content and metadata inheritance.

Smart Folders tutorial | Alfresco Documentation 

Hope this helps.



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Re: Using Smart Folders

Sorry I guess my question was not very clear.  I would like a folder(s) of the normal type.  Inside these folder trees will be files and sub-folders.   This of it as a Company, in side the company there are projects folders, in the project folders are all the files and sub-folders for that project.   At the company level I would like some smart folders 'Invoices', 'Payments', 'Contracts', 'eMails'.   Inside these smart folders are all the XXXXX from the various project folders for the company.  That way say Accounting, need only look in the INVOICE folder and see all the invoices for that company through all the various projects.

Hope that make it a little clearer.

The reason for the tags, is so there is no need to duplicate documents.  It happens often there is one document for the invoice and payment, or an invoice went off as an eMail.   Once there was an eMail that was the contract, the invoice and the payment.  I would like that document to show up in all four smart folders (eMail, Invoice, Contract, Payment), but only be stored once.

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Re: Using Smart Folders


I don't know if you were able to achieve what you was trying to do, but for me, it is not clear yet what exactly you need.

Would you mind sharing an image of what you expect to see on your folder structure?

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Re: Using Smart Folders


Somewhat I got what you want.

Basically, you have a folder named - Company. Inside the company folder there are project folders. The project folders may contain files and sub folders.

You want to create smart folders named 'Invoices', 'Payments', 'Contracts', 'eMails' inside the Company folder. The smart folders will contain the contents from the project folders.

Sure, you can do this. You need to configure the Company folder with smart folder aspect and associate appropriate smart folder template with it. The template defines what should be the content inside the smart folders - Invoices, Payments, Contracts, eMails. You have to define one query for each smart folder. If a content matches all the four queries, definitely it will be shown in all the four smart folders.

Hope it helps.